Why Writing Articles Is Productive-Article Marketing The Right Way

Writing articles and getting them out to article directories is a very productive technique you can use online. It is also an example of article marketing at it's best.

And the reason for this is that you gain in three ways that no other method can. The article must be written well and to the point in relation to the topic. The relationship between the body and the title should be similar. Too much difference and your audience will go some place else.

A link to your site must be included in the resource section. This could be simply added to the end of the article or in might be a resource box provided by the directory and the page that the link leads needs to be closely related to the subject of the article you submit. The way that you will benefit from writing articles is this:

For every directory that accepts your article, you will receive a back link. Most directories will do this unless your article is poorly written. Links from article directories will help your page rank. Submit a lot of articles, and your page rank is likely to be higher.

You will likely get clicks from people that read the article if it is well written and you seem to know what you are writing about.

Just like any well optimized web page, your article will be picked up by the search engines and listed. Write well and optimize the article for keywords, and you could get high listings.

The fourth benefit is when people copy your articles for their own websites keeping the resource box in tack, this provides another link for you which is a good thing. This happens quite frequently believe it or not.

If you write a lot of articles, then you will benefit greatly in each of these ways. You can achieve this in a couple of ways: one, by writing articles your self or have someone to do it for you. As ling as the article is well written, either way will work.

The best way to get your article published is to structure it correctly with a good title which makes the best use of your keywords, but not with a lot of focus on keyword density. Make sure you use relevant vocabulary when writing.

Don't over use keywords when writing or it may result in your article being placed in the supplementary results. In other words, your article will virtually invisible. The 3% rule you here about I think is overkill. Hardly any room for any real meaningful vocabulary.

When I write I use keywords in the title and the first 90-100 characters and also in the final paragraph for a 500 word article and usually a couple of more times with each additional 200-300 words . Writing articles is simple as long as you don't try and follow all the rules all the time. Just have fun and write about subjects you love, follow what you have read and you will have success.

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