Have an online work at home business? Well writing articles that have been optimized can be promoted to attract the attention and high listings of search engines looking for information for their customers.

 Here is why writing articles is important to your online business success. you can submit your articles to article directories and by using them as online content on your site.

For instance, they will be read by searchers of article directories. The directory will provide a one way link back to your site which is a plus for you. Keep in mind that you should use the best possible page to direct the link. Google treats these links as indicators of your site's popularity and you will be rewarded for it with page rank and position in the listings.

 The articles you write will be copied and used by others as content on their sites and anyone using your article also should leave you resource intact with the link but some people delete the resource altogether.

The good new is that there is software available that can detect these people. You can warn them of what they have done and sometimes it works, the problem is corrected. This provides you with a link back to you site as well and maybe some clicks to your site.

The directory where you uploaded your article to can be listed in the search engines results pages for you main keywords thus providing you with lots of free traffic. It is also possible for that same article to be listed several times on page 1 of Google from several of directories. Google doesn't seem to penalize you as much for duplicate content coming from directories as with regular websites.

Article writing and promoting them as content for your work at home business can benefit you in two major ways:

  • You are the business owner and you know your business better than anyone this will show you just have to write honestly, naturally and with passion. You must show your visitors that you are an expert in your field and writing with accurate content is the only way to get this done. People use search engines to find information, so if you can provide what they are looking for then they are more likely to purchase what you are selling.

  • If your content is properly optimized for your keywords, then the search engines will love you and therefore have a great chance of being listed very high on Google or any of the other engines as well. They in turn will provide you with lots of traffic.

These are some reasons why writing is so important to your business. You have to know how to write in such a way that the visitors reading them will read to the end where they will find your url to your site.

It doesn't matter if you think you are a good writer or not, it does matter if you can write articles optimized for search engines that people want to read. And it does matter how well you select the proper keywords so your article get high rankings preferably the 1st position

Writing articles isn't just putting fingers to keyboard, but of promoting your online business to search engine spiders and to the people that want to learn more and will visit your blog Squidoo lens or website to seek out what they are looking for. You must learn to write properly and if you succeed then you will have tons of free advertising and a flood of traffic Just for writing.

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