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Writing article content for article distribution is a very important part of learning how to write an article, and how well you do it or how badly you do it can make your online business or brake it. If this sounds to extreme, knowing how to write an article that keeps the reader excited and glued to your page can make a big difference to your business. Most people find titles easy to put together even if they don't do it right. But it is the article content that most people seem to have problems putting together especially the first and the last paragraphs.

It is usually starting an article and completing it that most writers find hard to do. They struggle with it not only with regard to the content in these two sections but also the use of keywords. Article marketing is all about writing articles that will interest the readers and then convening these visitors to visit you site. Not just any page on you site but a page that relates to the article they are reading. This is the purpose of writing articles, to get visitors to your web pages. They have to be interested in your content, which the title must tell the story.

For this reason it is most difficult to regard each of the elements of an article separately. Each element leads into the other. But let's take a look at what all is involved in writing article content starting with the first paragraph.

The very first paragraph should be like an introduction to the subject of the article. The very first sentence should definitely include the main keyword and will be most important in catching the readers interest. Now the title should initially do this, it is the first sentence that will cause them to continue or cause them to click away to another website. It should be almost like another title that reinforces the topic and leads into the main content of the article you are writing.

A lot of people will write articles without really understanding the importance of what the intro is suppose to accomplish and the way it is to lead into the main body. The same goes for the ending paragraph, and how it should lead into the resource. Writing article content therefore is an very important part of article marketing. How you write articles can make or break you online business.

This is particularly so if you depend on article marketing as your main strategy for marketing. You should pay most attention to the titles and first paragraphs than to any other parts of your article. If these aren't right the rest of the article will not matter at all.

Intro Paragraph

The intro paragraph should follow on from and reinforce the title you used. Like I said before the first sentence should have the main keyword in it. The next two or three should reinforce what you said in the first paragraph and then lead into the main points of what you are writing about.

The body of the Article

The body should expand on the points made in the introduction and should also follow on from the last couple of sentences. You should expand on the main topic of the article and perhaps explain why the point you are trying to make is important and then give a solution.

Not all articles are of the problem and solution type, some are just to inform and there are others that are narrative. Whatever the subject matter, when you write articles for publication you can still maintain a flow from the title tho the first paragraph, and then on to the body of the article so that you still maintain the interest of your readers

The last paragraph should sum up and go into the authors resource. There is where you publish you website URL. Just summarize what you have written and then suggest that there is more information on the subject on your website.

Be sure you keep your objectivein mind when you are writing. Writing article contentis easy if you remember to construct the title in a way as to attract interest. Reinforce this in your first paragraph and sentence where you will repeat your main keyword.

Writing article content will then seem much much easier, although there is still lot for most people to learn in respect of selecting the right keywords, and constructing titles and initial paragraphs to keep readers fixed on your web page.

This is the basics of writing article content , but for more detailed info visit Article Czar for a free gift and a free article writing course.

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