There are many website design ideas that can enhance your visitors online experience.  Each visitor to your site is a potential customer so the easier your website is to use the more they will probably enjoy being on your site and the more likely are they to buy your stuff.  So a well designed website can really boost your online sales

Choose good colors, your choice of colors will determine how your website is going to come across to your visitors.  Dull looking colors will cause your site to look plain and boring while colors that ate to bright can be unprofessional

Some other website design ideas would be to use reds and yellows, these colors draw the   eyes in to the page.  So it would be a good idea to use these colors for banners and advertisements for your visitors. Be careful to use these colors sparingly because they can cause eye strain therefore they wouldn't hang around long.

You must avoid slow loading web pages because if your page loads to slowly your visitors will be no more.  your page should load fully in about 8 seconds.

Images and media will cause slow page load times.  Keep the file sizes to a minimum.  Also define height and width in all your tables and graphics as this aids download time.

Your navigation should make it easy for your customers to get around your site. Keep it simple and straight to the point.  Can your visitors find your stuff easily?  Don't lose good sales because your  potential customers because they cant find what they want to buy.

Link back to your home page from every page on your site, this will make it easy for visitors that didn't enter you site from the home page to get back there easily.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you by placing a contact us link on every page. don't make them hunt for your contact details,  they will leave quick fast and in a hurry if they have to look to long for anything.
Again, one more lost sale.

Make you sales copy or articles easy to read by breaking up big blocks of text and using bullet points. This will encourage visitors to read your copy.

If you want some more website design ideas hang around a while on our site and read some more articles.

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