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These webmaster tools are some of the best on the planet. Go ahead, try them out.

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Base64 Encoding / Decoding
With this webmaster tool, You can use this base64 encoder and decoder to convert source text data from several code pages and encode them to a base64 string or decode base64 strings to a plain text.
CSS Coder
This point and click utility will assist you by creating Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) definitions that you can cut and paste into your website.

CSS Navigation Menu
This utility will help you create an attractive CSS Navigation Menu without writing a single line of CSS. This webmaster tool is great.
Datetime Format Converter
This tool can convert any English textual datetime description into a UNIX timestamp or UNIX timestamp into human-readable English textual date and time.
DHTML Tooltip
Create cool mouse-over tooltips, to pop-up helpful information when your site visitors move thier mouse over your links, images, and more.

Dig Utility

This option gives you web access to the unix Dig command, which returns technical Domain Name Service (DNS) information for your website(s).
DNS Utility

Our DNS Utility offers basic Domain Name service queries, such as IP Address lookup, DNS Servers, and SOA records.
Dropdown Menu
Use this simple webmaster tool  to create a menu inside a drop-down box. Simply add your menu options and our tool supplies the code for a java-enabled drop down.
Fetch HTML Content
This utility will fetch the viewable contents of a web page you specify. It removes all HTML tags, leaving just raw text.
Fetch Header
The Fetch Header utility will download and display the actual HTTP headers returned with the web page you specify.
Floating Layer
Ever wish you could have a floating window, that you could open and close at will, while letting the user control where it appears on the screen? This utility will create the code for you!
.htaccess Generator
The easiest way to password protect your apache-based website is to use .htaccess. This utility will generate the correct files (.htaccess and .htpasswd) based on the user name and password you supply.
HTML to PHP Converter
This powerful online webmaster  tool enables you to do all HTML to PHP conversion instantly.
HTML Encoder
Most web platforms have some way of manually encoding and decoding this escaped format. If not, you can use our online HTML Encoder to do the job.


HTML Entities Encode / Decode
Copy and paste any HTML document and this tool will convert all the relevant special characters to their respective HTML entities.

IP Convert
Easily convert between standard dotted-quad and decimal IP address notations.
Meta Tags Generator
Use this utility to create the Meta Tags for your site, based on the information you supply.
Password Encryption Utility
This webmsster  tool will encrypt any given series of letters or numbers using 3 popular encryption methods.
Password Strength Checker
Test your passwords to see how strongly they adhere to best practices.
Pattern Extractor
Use this utility to extract information from a webpage, matching either one of our pre-defined formats, or a Regular Expression (RegEx).
Ping Utility
This utility sends small packets of information to a website, and times the amount of time it takes to come back. This webmaster tool can help you narrow down speed issues.
Pop-Up Window Generator
Use this easy form to generate the javascript required to open a new browser window using custom location, sizes, etc.
Regular Expression Pattern Extractor
This tool will extract information from any block of text that you specify, using a Regular Expression (RegEx).
Regular Expression Match
If you've got a complicated RegEx you are trying to get right, use this utility to test it.
Scrollbar Color for Internet Explorer
This webmaster tool will generate all of the required CSS definitions that allow you to customize the scrollbar color in Internet Explorer.
Source Viewer
HTML Source Viewer is a simple yet useful utility for viewing the actual HTML source code for a given webpage.
Syntax Highlighting
If you have a need to show source code or data on your website, you can use this utility to add syntax hilighting to your output. Quite simply, syntax highlighting colorized your code based on pre-defined keywords. Use this utility to generate the html to show your code colorized for easier readability.
URL Encoding
This utility will take any URL and encode all special characters into HTML values.
Use the Whois utility to locate the registration details of existing domains.

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