Web Design Tips You Can Use

In this article you are going to learn of several web design tips that you should use immediately.

First, make sure that you give your readers something of value,good web design tips. Many web designers are all about how the website looks. they spend too much time making it look pretty instead of offering valuable information. They think pretty is all that matters but they are sadly mistaken. Websites should exist to offer information. What do people who use search engines do? They search for relevant information. Give your reader information and you really don't have to worry to much about design.

What is your plan for the website you are designing? It it to make money from advertising? If so make sure you provide more content than you do ads. You wouldn't watch a television program that was totally commercials would you? Of course not. Would you read a magazine that was just ads trying to sell something?

Avoid unnecessary elements. Don't distract your readers with scrolling or blinking text, or animated Gifs or even music and sounds that play automatically when the page loads. All these are very distracting. How can a person concentrate on reading your article if there is stuff flying around the page or sounds in the background?

Visitors with slow connections will probably never revisit your site because they have to wait on all that stuff to load before they can view the page. You have just lost a customer by wasting their time. some designers say that people are drawn to the animation and blinking ads. But it is really just the opposite. When I visit a site that has the above, I just click away. I would probably never link to the site bookmark it or recommend it because of all the fluff.

Scrolling text is a problem as well. The reader can't read at their own pace. They may have to sit there and wait. They don't want to wait. They want to read and move on. Keep your visitors interest first. Make sure you please the customer and not your self. Scrolling text does noting for a customer. You may think it's cool to have scrolling text, but what does the customer think? Remember the customer comes first.

Pop up windows are another annoyance so don't use them. Image backgrounds are a problem as well. Image backgrounds say nothing but "amateur" Can you name any professional websites that use image backgrounds? Probably not. Another problem with image backgrounds is that they take longer to load.

When putting your site together, put some thought into organization. Think about the content you will be putting on the site and how it should be organized. Make sure everything is easy to find. Make sure there are few clicks between your visitor and your information as possible. The more you make your readers click the more likely they are to leave if they can't find what they are looking for.

If you are using a splash page, which is a page that says "enter here" with really no information on it at all, get rid of it. It is simply annoying. This must be one of the worst web design tips there is. That is like making a customer knock twice to come in.

When putting information on your site, make sure you use at least 400 to 500 words minimum. If there is not at least 400 words, consider combining two pages.

I hope you have learned some good web design tips by reading this article and I trust that you will visit often as we are always adding valuable content for our readers. While you are here leave us your contact information and as we add content you will be notified.

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