There are certain web design guidelines that must be followed when designing a website. 

Web designers have a goal, and that is to create anattractive, functional, attractive website that will convince avisitor to do something.  To create such a websiterequires several things.  It requires good graphic design,easy site navigation good web copy and logical sitelayout.  Here are a few general guidelines.

Web Content

The visitor needs to see you as a knowledgeableinformation source and  or reputable business. Grammatical errors will almost immediately reduce yourcredibility.  People are searching the internet forinformation so wether you are selling someone else's products,your own products or just recommending something, you mustfirst provide valuable information to the visitor or you cansay by by to your potential customer. They will just click away, of to the next site.

Cross Browser Compatibility

There are several different browsers in usetoday.  Your website must be designed to work properly inthe most widely used browsers. 

Most people do not even bother to upgrade theirbrowsers to the latest versions  now days  eventhough they are free.   Maybe they don't even knowhow to upgrade.  Just remember your visitor may have a PC,a Linux box, a PDA, a MAC or even a cell phone and they all usea different browser.

Other good web design guidelines would require your web pages to work in Internet Explorer,Firefox Safari Netscape and Opera just to name a few. View your website in different browsers running on different platforms and validate your HTML code as a final test.

Graphics and Photos

Internet surfers are most impatient people. Studies show that most of them will click away to another webpage if it takes longer than 10 seconds to load. Optimize your photos and other graphic files so that they have as small a file size as possible without loosing picture quality.

Use the height and width attributes always on the picture so that the rest of the page can load while the graphic file is downloading and use the ALT tag so people with graphic turned off and those using hand held devises will know what the picture is.

Background Colors

Specify link colors if you use anything other than white behind text otherwise the user's browser defaults will determine what color the links are which will make them unreadable


Always use streaming media because it reduces download time and make sure users can stop and start multimedia files so they can stop them if they want.  Some users have slow connections so if you have a stop function the user can ignore the file if they want.

Important info from multimedia should be put in text as well so the visitor has access to the info without using multimedia.  If plug-in's are needed make sure you provide a link to it. 


Other good web design guidelines would be to check your links periodically to be certain they work and are valid.  Nothing causes a visitor to leave your site faster than broken links.


Don't use frames.  They make it difficult tobookmark single pages on your site.

These web design guidelines are a combination of common sense and good planning.  Your site, most importantly should provide the user with the information they are seeking and be attractive and easy to use and navigate.

Web design guidelines are a combination of common sense and good planning.  Your site, mostimportantly should provide the user with the information theyare seeking and be attractive and easy to use andnavigate.


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