Web article marketing as well as article distribution strategies are extremely important in an internet marketing campaign. It could also make you or break businesses on a small budget. Most people cant afford pay per click advertising and must rely on product promotion and website promotion techniques such as web directory exposure and search marketing and also web marketing.

Writing articles is a valuable skill means more that just writing several paragraphs on a website topic. The proper construction of the title body text opening paragraph and even the summary makes a big difference in the success of a website or the lack there of. Article research is also equally as important if not more.

In this process you must learn what is needed in each component of article writing that is intended for distribution. The summary and resource are not really needed if your article is going to be used as content on a website but the use of keywords is vitally important in fact it is critical.

These skills, an inexperienced writer will not have. They are learned. In web article marketing and article distribution similar understanding is needed with respect to distribution to article directories. There are three reasons to submit articles for publication in different articles directories and ezines.

  1. I believe the most important to be back links to your website which will improve search engine rank. Google,yahoo ask and msn all consider back link to your site important in calculating authority. 
  2. To obtain clicks or traffic back to your site.
  3. Exposure on google through article directories. It is possible to get a page 1 listing for the article that contains your url. The more submittions you do the better but not all at once.

The downside of marketing articles is getting a lot of links back toy site suddenly. Google monitors this activity. It is better to submit your articles to more than 400 directories and ezines over a three month period of time. I don't mean wait three months to submit each article, but submit different articles using different keywords and to different pages within your site.

Google seems to tolerate some degree of duplicate content for a while in respect of article directory content. But after several weeks the duplicate content will fall off.

If web article marketing and article distribution is done properly it will cause you to succeed in your efforts and thus free advertising and free exposure for you in the search engines. For more information on how web article marketing is to be done, check out Article Czar.

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