VPS web hosting is what you need to be thinking about if you have grown your websites to a point that they are attracting thousands of visitors in a day. A shared plan is definitely not the answer here. If you can't yet afford a dedicated server, VPS (virtual private server) just might be the perfect solution for you. Vps Web Hosting In case you are not familiar with what VPS hosting is, here goes. VPS hosting consists of a server that is divided into several isolated accounts and each VPS account has it's own operating system which has its own web server and also mail server resources.

There is absolutely no sharing resources here. You are able to have access to all configuration files within your account. This gives you greater ability for you to install and run custom software if you should choose to do so.

Now in addition to providing you with more control over you hosting account, vps web hosting are much more secure than those shared hosting accounts. Case in point, if a hacker were to find access to a regular shared hosting account, all accounts on that server could potentially be damaged all once. But because a server is divided into isolated accounts, even if a hacker were to get entry through one of the accounts, there is no way to access the other accounts

If you are a more experienced webmaster, you may wish to manage the technical aspects of your VPS account. This is a time consuming and very complicated task to say the least. No wonder many people rather have their accounts managed fully by the hosting provider. There is usually an extra cost for this but it is well worth it. This can free you up so that you can concentrate on creating content for your site.

The normal cost for for an entry level fully managed VPS web hosting account is around $30 per month. This is going to allow you to run multiple sites from one account kinda like a reseller account. You will have an operating system you own allocation of RAM memory and a control panel. Plus a lot of storage space and bandwidth allotment.

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