Learn To Get Paid the Big Bucks by The Top Affiliate Programs

When you are looking for the internet's top affiliate programs you need to be looking at the payments. This is a key factor when evaluating an affiliate program.

Now don't choose the affiliate program solely on the commission you would receive as this is only one factor. You should also consider when you will get paid as well as how often.

Generous commissions are all good but consider the amount you will get paid for each sale as opposed to the percentage. Low commissions on higher priced products can pay you more that a real high commission on a lower priced product. Consider also the volume of product moved. Ask yourself if the product will sell well or not. Top affiliate programs will feature a product or product that you can sell a lot of while at the same time earn a nice percentage of the sale price.

What is the difference in one tier and two tier programs. with a one tier program you get a commission for each of the products you refer to the company. But with a two tier program you get a commission for what you refer but also you promote the affiliate program and when someone joins under you,you will start to get a commission from their sales as well. The person is refereed to as your sub affiliate.

Some affiliate programs offer residual income commissions. This means that you will get a commission every time a customer that you refereed buys again. One such company that offers a program like this is the 5 pillar affiliate program by Site Build It. Check it out.

Some affiliate programs have a payout schedule that is very lengthy meaning they will only cut a check when a set amount of money is earned. This could mean several months of wait time. Most programs however will pay on a monthly basis and some every couple of weeks.

Sometimes a customer will visit a website through your affiliate link but not buy for several months. Make sure the affiliate program you choose has cookie tracking. Site Build It has a life time policy for tracking.

The length of time that cookies last will vary from program to program, So look for those programs with the longest cookie tracking.

You now realize there are many points to consider when it comes to choosing the right affiliate program. so if you consider each point mentioned in this article, you will find the right program to promote.

For more info about affiliate programs and the top affiliate programs visit some other pages on this site about affiliate marketing. If you want to check out a really top program, check out the 5 pillar club.

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