Tips on article writing and advice on using article content can be used properly if you have a website. The use of article content is becoming more and more important to your online success because people these days are getting away from the expensive methods of promoting their websites. There are several ways to promote your site but very few are free and effective as article marketing.

I bet you are saying article marketing isn't free. True, it does cost money to have articles written and then to submit those articles to directories. But if you could write them yourself and then submit those articles yourself then it's pretty much free right? Ok then what's stopping you from doing it yourself. Just learn and understand the benefits of article content and find out where to submit the articles and there you go, now its not so expensive.

If you plan to try this yourself please don't buy cheap article spinning software. There are some article spinners that will create hundreds of articles from just one article but that wouldn't be a good idea. Google is wise to this type of software and no matter what they claim it still isn't good enough. Using this software can have negative results so you should learn how to write articles the natural way. There is one piece of software though that is pretty good and I will give a link at the end of this article.

To write articles effectively is not that hard at all. Just learn some easy rules and you are on your way. But if you get the process wrong you can wind up wasting your valuable time or you could loose your reputation. Now I will list some tips on article writing.

Seven basic parts make up an article and each I will discuss briefly. They can be used in a couple of ways, one being content for your website and the other for distribution to article directories.

The purpose of writing articles should be to provide information for your readers. Keep this fact clearly in your mind. The keywords you chose have to be chosen carefully. Keywords will be the basis for the whole article and must relate to the topic and be likely what people are searching for or for what you are offering.

Your title must contain your keyword and if you have one a secondary keyword that is related to the first one. It must state what the subject of the article is and it needs to persuade a person that is scanning down a list of articles to click.

One of the more important tips on article writing would be that the first paragraph should be so good that it keeps the reader's interest or they may leave for some other website.

The content if the article is what shows your knowledge on a subject or niche and needs to be written based on your purpose. When you write articles for distribution they should be written to persuade the reader to click to your website for more information

Now, lets take a look at the resource box. This is where you plead your case and gave them the link to click on. Lead them to a page on your site that is directly related to the article they just read. Don't send them to a page that is not related.


tips on article writing are only a basic outline of how to write articles. There are many other factors you have to consider as well. If you decide to write articles yourself, check out this article writing software

that can make your life just a bit easier. Also check out article czar where you will be offered more detail and advice on writing article content.

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