Testimonials-Case Study's

Elad Shippony - Infopreneurs/Information-Publishing

Elad is an excellent example of an infopreneur, creating fun and entertaining content to drive traffic from the Search Engines, and then monetizing that traffic without selling a product or service.

If you do not have time to manage customers (or do not want to), low-maintenance monetization models like Google's AdSense ads, affiliate programs, finder's fees and others can build to thousands of dollars per month. Read More....

Marney Makridakis - Artella Words And Art

An excellent example of a highly profitable e-good business is Marney's ArtellaWordsAndArt.com.

This is an original, creative and popular site with a huge following. Marney sells over 250 items through her simple PayPal shopping cart, including some audio-based e-goods

"In one year's time, I went from fiddling around with a hobby to manifesting a full-time business doing what I love: celebrating the creative uniqueness in an ever-growing community of thousands of people all over the world, inspiring them to uncover their artistic spirits and dare to let their creative souls shine." Read More...

Fiona McCardle/Jim Andrew - Rent a Villa in Tuscany

How do two Scots end up in warm, sun-kissed Tuscany, hobnobbing with Hollywood producers and visiting Salvatore Ferragamo?

Site Build It!. That's how.

Dreams do come true, if you dare them to be. And if you work to turn that dream into reality.

This story is a powerful demonstration of how themed content drives yet another monetization model... a rental agency.

"If you'd told me 12 months ago that a couple of ex knitwear designers with very little experience of the web would now be running a successful web based villa rental company I'd have found it hard to believe. If you then tried to convince me that their plans are now to run it from a poolside, looking out over the Tuscan hillside, sipping on a cocktail, I'd probably think the Tuscan sun had got to you!" Read More...

Nori Evoy - Anguilla Beaches.com

The vast majority of offline small businesses still don't have a clue, let alone a Web site. If they do have a site, it's likely the proverbial "far away tree in that faraway forest." Does it even make a sound when it falls? Well, does a site even exist if it does not get traffic?

Those "no-clue" businesses are opportunities for you. Become their joint venture "content partners." Refer traffic to them.

Get paid on a pay-per-click or pay-per-lead basis. Or earn referrer or finder's fee for finding a customer (or a "lead") for it. Or negotiate per-month advertising arrangements. Read More...

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