A stay at home mom who wants to stay home and work in her own business is a common occurrence these days. The internet has allowed parents, the opportunity to make a living online. With the economy the way it is and with the recession, many households need a very strong income coming to the table. Internet businesses are allowing several people to stay at home and bring in a good stable and regular income. Mothers are no longer just staying at home to raise the kids, but are raising the bar by becoming top income earners in the home business industry.

Stay At Home Mom Many doors have opened for parents to raise their kids and still maintain a great career from the house. The dream to be at home with the kids and still have a good income can now become a reality. This is an ideal solution for many families but can also be difficult if you don't have the prober guidance.

One might ask how is it possible for a stay at home mom to run a profitable business and still maintain a healthy home life especially with kids and a spouse to juggle. It is hard enough just to be a mom but with a business too. You gotta be kidding. But there are moms with business and kids who are making it happen. Below are some tips that maybe you can use.

Talk things out with the family and let them know what is going on. Tell them about you new business venture and let them know how important it is to you. Give them the benefits, let them know what's in it for them. Get their concerns out in the open and then come up with a plan of action.

A stay at home mom can set her own schedule so get a schedule together. Plan out your day. Have a set amount of time that you will work on your business and stick to that time. If you can plan everything out for the week. Doing this will help you stay committed to you goal. Post your schedule in your home office and in other places around your home. This way everyone will know what to expect for the week.

Be sure to have your own space set up so that when the kids and spouse see you in that space, they know it's work time and they wont disturb you. It sets a boundary of sorts.

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Changes in the role of a stay at home mom can be trying at times. The spouse is accustomed to you always being available. They have certain expectations of you that will change now that you are a business woman. Schedule is different, new responsibilities etc... Ask for help from your spouse cause you aren't super mom you know. You can't do it all by yourself so don't even try to. You spouse will be glad to help because he understands why you are doing what you are doing.

As a Stay at home mom set goals and as you reach those goals reward yourself and the family. Maybe its a weekend getaway or a dream vacation, or maybe it's dinner and a movie, whatever it is share your success with the family. It keeps them excited about what your are doing and will keep them involved. The more you share with the family the more they will realize that you are spending time in your business for their benefit.

Set aside some quality time with the kids and with the spouse. You must not get so consumed in your business that you forget that you have a family. Every day you should shut off the television, phone, radio, computer or whatever distracts you and spend time with the family. Reassure them that you still have time for them. This is why you wanted to stay at home in the first place right, to spend time with the kids?

You still have house work but you may have to let a few things go for a while unless your spouse will pick up the slack in that area. Once the new income kicks in hire a house keeper. That means more time with the kids instead of cleaning.

Keep the kids occupied with outside activities. Take them to the park or to mc donalds to let them play. If they are older kids, keep them involved in school activities like sports or something. As a matter of fact a stay at home mom needs a moms day out too. So find a group or get together with other moms for a day out. Or maybe you would just like to stay at home and take a nice long quiet bubble bath reading a book. This is sure will relieve any stress you may have.

When you involve the kids in your stay at home business, this can create more bonding. Involve them in your daily task of running your business. Let them organize your papers or teach them something about the computer, whatever the case, get them involved. They will feel needed.

stay at home mom image The important thing that a stay at home mom must remember is that anytime there is a disruption in the normal flow of things there must be communication with everyone involved in the situation. Have family sit down time to talk about the business and the progress you are making. Everyone need time to adjust to the changes so keep them all informed. This type of business is a family event so the more you keep the family involved the less stress everyone will have and the more your family will feel involved and excited about your new venture.

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