Shared web hosting is the most popular and cost effective choice for businesses organizations and most people. In most cases this is the ideal solution to a hosting problem but it has its advantages and disadvantages that you should be made aware of before making your decision.

Most of the time hosting companies will offer shared hosting to customers with websites that have very small to moderate traffic levels. The cost for these packages are usually offered at very modest cost. When computer hardware resources and maintenance and operating cost are spread out over a large number of clients, cost are greatly reduced. Customers might even be on the same physical computer but hard drive space is separated so no body else will have access to your files or data.

Shared Web Hosting graphic The best feature about Shared web hosting for a majority of people is the fact that it is so inexpensive. Your customers are able to choose the amount of disk space and the amount of bandwidth that they need. Now if you are willing to sigh up for longer contract term, at this time it is 24 months, the prices will be lower than paying monthly.

Shared hosting is managed by the hosting company and their staff. All security and software updated are installed by the staff of the hosting company. The hosting packages come with a simple to use cpanel management interface that will allow the customer to set up FTP access, manage their email accounts and other functions which gives you control over your websites.

Now there are some disadvantages to shared hosting as well. Share hosting means you are on the same computer as hundreds of other sites. This could effect the response time of your website. For instance if you are on a server with several other high volume websites, there could be some lag time when someone searches or tries to access a web page on your site.

Shared hosting companies will monitor shared servers for abuse of resources. Sometimes malicious scripts and bad code are discovered that can cause big problems like shut down other websites or even the server. Shared hosting providers have space and bandwidth restrictions so make sure you chose the correct plan for your business. If you go over your limit you may be subject to fees or even the shutting down of your site.

Shared hosting may not be the solution for everyone but for many people shared web hosting is and attractive viable option to consider. Shared hosting will allow you to start small to be able to manage cost. When your business grows, you can always upgrade to a web hosting dedicated package.

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