In this article the SEO hints and tips you find here will show you how to get high Google listings and how to optimize web pages properly for increased web traffic to your site. You might understand some basic facts about SEO but incase you are a newbie, lets look as some more basic SEO hints and tips because a lot of webmasters seem to leave this part out of their webpage building.

Seo Hints And Tips

The important parts are the HTML tags that are used by search engines in order to determine relevance of your page of your page to the search term used by the customer. did you notice I said webpage and not website? People don't realize that Google and other search engines don't list websites, but the list individual web pages. You must know and understand how the engines determine your listings if you are to understand how to optimize a web page.

Title Tags

Now lets discuss the TITLE tag. This tag appears in the HEAD portion of your html but your visitors don actually see this tag. This tag is the most important tag on your web page cause the spiders place very high weight on it. Make sure to use your main keywords here.

Heading Tags

The Title of your web page should be within the H1 tags and should have the same major keyword as your title tag does. If you have a sub heading, it should be within the H2 tags. Don't place everything in H1 tags because it will dilute the importance of the tag.

Use italic, underline and bold as well but use it sparingly to express the importance of keywords.

Keyword density should be concentrated in the first one third of your web page. Make sure not to use to many instances of your main keywords. You can get good results with under 1% overall density. Using the main keyword in the first 100 characters, once in the last paragraph and once more each 300 words but in the first third of the page.

The only meta tag that is worth using is the description tag. All the search use this tag for your description in their listings. The keyword tag can also be used but few engines are thought to actually use it.

Here are some more advanced SEO hints and tips that will teach you not only how to optimize your web page but how the search engines work as well. These facts are not that obvious and usually are not used by beginners in search engine marketing.

Be sure to use text links to the other pages on your website and not fancy graphics or java links. They might look great but the search engine spiders don't link them. Just stick to using text if you want good listings. What' the point in having a lot of graphics on your site if you have no visitors to use them?

Try to use as much text as possible while at the same time use as little code as possible.

Maximize your off page linking strategy. Good quality links from authority sites are a plus. It is possible to get a number one listing with no content, just tons on links. Reciprocal links to and from web pages not related to your site is a waste of your time and will probably do more harm than good. And please don't use link farms, you are asking for trouble with this one.

Anchor texts are important to use where possible. When you submit articles to directories use anchor text. For instance if you site is about 'brown cats' then make sure to use an anchor that says something like 'for more info on "brown cats" please visit out website. With brown cats being the anchor text.

Last but not least, continue adding content to you site daily if you can. Sites that have a lot of pages do better than fewer pages. google Loves fresh new content, so give it to them. Revise you older pages with different vocabulary from time to time.

These are just a few SEO hints and tips that teach you to optimize web pages. There are several more.

SEO hints and tips that teach you to optimize web pages. There are several more. To get more info and tips browse around this site some more and also visit my friend Pete's site. He has written an ebook called Article Czar. I highly recommend it.

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