Search engine SEO is a vital part of website optimization. This process involves the construction of a web page so that the search engine algorithms score it very high for relevant keywords. Each page that is constructed should only be optimized of one and only one keyword so the page is listed as high a position as possible for that particular keyword.

If you understand search engine SEO and how search engines work , you will ensure yourself of a listing worth having but the question is how do the search engines work?

Well no one really knows except for the employees of these companies. Now if you perform certain actions and analyze the results of those actions, it is very possible to know what the engines such as google are looking for.

Variables of search engine SEO come in groups and your strategy should include as many of these variables as possible such as on-page and off-page optimization.


On-page optimization is exactly as the term suggest and is carried out on the web page. This can be visible or in the source code.

a) The Keywords

Each page created should be optimized for one keyword. It may also contain other sub-keywords for which the page might be listed in the serps. The choice of keywords that you make is very important. There is software out there ,some free and some not. This software will help you choose the best keyword for your page. But be careful not to overuse keywords but use related text and synonyms to let the spiders know that you are writing about.

b) The Title

The title, although not visible on the page is very important. It is the in the title tag in the html and it should contain the main keyword.


The page and paragraph headings that you use should be in bold text within heading html tags. Use H1 for the page tag and use H2 for the paragraph headings. Use keywords here because heading tags stress the importance of text located within them. Especially if placed in bold.

Navigation Links

Your navigation is best if you use keyword anchor text.

when arraigning your html, do it so that the spider sees your body text first and foremost. Then the links that lead away from the page. The importance is placed on the first 100 words and also the last paragraph. So don't let these words be the navigation links.


Off page optimization is a huge subject. There would have to be a totally separate article to even begin to explain this. But it includes strategies such as one-way back links, article marketing strategies, reciprocal linking directory submissions, inter linking your own site and blogs social networking and bookmarking sites and so on

These search engine SEO strategies can be more important that even on-page SEO. It's not even uncommon to have a page with no content to be ranked 1st in google and its simply because of a ton of back links to the page

Search engine SEO is a very large subject and you can improve your chance of obtaining a high listing by taking advantage of the information that is available. Make sure you find genuine info though. Some information out there is just opinion. Here is a great free Search Engine Seo ebook you can download for free.


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