A high search engine ranking depends on several factors, and article marketing can be used to many of these factors. If you understand how the search engines work, then you can write articles based on that knowledge to assure yourself of high rankings in the search engines

In this current economic climate when every single dollar that you earn counts a high search ranking is a must to help achieve success. Article marketing provides a way to do this.

Now I don't mean to say that other ways of marketing your website wont work or that they are not worth it. But it is a fact that an increasing number of articles are appearing in the Google search results for specific keywords. As a matter of fact it is difficult to find a Google search result that doesn't have at least on article listed on the page from an article directory. This in and of itself should be enough reason for someone to use article marketing to improve their search engine ranking and get traffic to their site.

So what's the secrete, what is the secret to getting your article listed on page one of Google like many articles are? When you use article directories there is not much to do since they do all the SEO work for you. Just use your keywords without overdoing it and be sure to provide good vocabulary when doing so.

When writing and using SEO to optimize the articles, don't forget that the most important party is the Google customer that is using the search engine to find information in the first place. Google indexes every page to find relevant content for their customer. When Google finds that your content is relevant, they in give you high search ranking.

This is where your well written article with the keywords in the right positions will get your article on the first page of Google for your main keywords. This will get you plenty of traffic. How you do this is totally up to you. but you are not likely to achieve you goal without good instruction and advise on how to do it. Article marketing can and will get you high search ranking but be sure to get advise and expert instruction on how to do it.

For more information on how to get improved search engine ranking check out Article Czar and take the next step toward your success.

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