This article is a short Search engine optimization tutorial where you will learn several techniques using (SEO)

SEO can be used in blogging and other marketing strategy's to drives masses of traffic to any web page that you chose. It doesn't matter weather it is a blog or a Squidoo lens

With these different types of web pages, there are specific ways to optimize each so that they will be picked up and be listed by Google Yahoo and Msn. The largest engine is Google so be sure to optimize for the algorithm.

Search engine listings for specific keywords are based upon algorithms that take several aspects of web page into account. Only a select few Google employees know and understand what is involved and what weight is given to each.


1. Title Tag

The most important factor when determining your listing position is the title tag.

A change as simple as a change in the use of keywords in the title tag can drastically change your listing position. You must use your main keyword for this page in the title tag. But the other text can be a factor as well and make a lot of difference.

The title tag appears with in the HEAD tags of the page but is only visible to spiders. The Title tag is a way for you to tell the spiders what your page is about. You should then use the keywords in the title tag in the body of the text and also in the headings and subheadings. In other words the title tag sets the theme of your site that you must continue with.

2. H1 Heading Tags

The H1 heading tag gives a lot weight to the text in the tag.

Th heading needs to be within H1 tags. don't make it exactly the same as the title of your page. It can be close, but just don't make it the same.

3. Use of Keywords

Now you should continue the theme with the text on the page. There is another search engine optimization tutorial that will explain in detail the best way to use keywords and structure your whole site to attract the search engine spiders as well as your human visitors. Keep reading below.

The three major ways for you to let the search engine spiders know what the theme of you site is about is by using the Title tag H1 tags and keywords on the page. All these factors should focus on one or two keywords but no more than that. And if you do it the right way, you can expect to see a top 10 listing for your keywords on Google

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