I've been doing plenty of reading lately about Private Label Rights (PLR) content.

It's not only lazy people who don't want to do their own writing, but it's you, it's me, everyone is a little lazy when it comes to writing their own content.

In case you dont know what I am talking about, PLR is content you get from an original author with their permission to use it as yours.  In other words you can get some good content put your name on it and sell it as your own.
Private Label Rights The first  products I created using PLR only took meabout half an hour or so. There have been severalsales so far from them so that was definitely time wellspent.

When I am searching for PLR content to use, I found there werea lot of different types of websites available. Some offeredmonthly memberships and others offered just a one timepurchases. So make sure to look around before you decidewhere and what to buy.

The site I found that was by far the best was PLRWholesaler. Not only do they have an unbelievable amount of content, but it's completely and absolutely FREE. Most sites charge an arm and two legs for the amount of content that this guy is giving away for free.

And although I haven't been through everything as of yet, what I have read is very good quality. It's the kind of stuff you would actually want to use as your own.

But Since it's free, I highly recommend that you go now and check out PLRWholesaler and see if they have anything that you can use in your business. There just may be an ebook or an audio recording that you could quickly brand with your own  information and start selling to your list right away.

Check out this content with private label rights and let me know what you think...

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