Organic Search Engine Optimization Versus Paid Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization Versus Paid Search Engine Optimization

Paid SEO

Paid placement SEO will make your website easier to find. The link to your page will rank higher and the goal is to get you on the first page. Ideally, the top of the first page is the place to be.

Why Be First on the Page

You want your business's website link to be first or on top of the first page after a potential customer uses a Search Engine such as, Google or Yahoo!. Most Internet users only use the first page to find out their information and potentially purchase an item or items from a website.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the natural way to rank high on search engines such as, Google and Yahoo!. There are many different ways you can achieve optimal rankings. Some of the ways you can improve your organic search engine optimization include:

Sending out e-mails with the link to your page to draw more traffic, blogs to talk up your website and products help to improve traffic to your site by keeping your customers interested in your products. Make sure the content in your e-mails, blogs and newsletters is high quality and not just fluff. Customers are intelligent and want to read interesting information. Send out newsletters regarding your company and website. Let your customers know what is going on and that you are thinking of them.

The above are a few ways you can rank high on Search Engines. There are many other ways you can rank high with organic search optimization.

Studies on SEO versus Paid SEO

Studies have found that Internet users will click on an organic link versus a paid link. The number is as high as 92% more clicks on an unpaid site versus when a paid site is available to click on. Paid organic optimization can be quite expensive. Also, you may get Internet surfers to your website but they most likely will not purchase anything from you. With the pay-per-click option this is a very expensive option. Your ad on a site that is not doing well from Internet surfers due to it being on the wrong type of site is also costly.


To help improve traffic to your website and build many more potential customers use organic search engine optimization versus paid search engine optimization.