These days there are many opportunities to make money online but which ones are among the best when you don't have anything to sell? It shouldn't surprise you that by not having a product to sell is no problem these days. There are plenty of ways to make money online even if you don't have a product to sell yourself and I am going to mention several of them here.

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Why don't you sell an eBook: Ebooks are information products that people will purchase online and download and there is no shipping cost to the customer and they receive their product instantly.

Ebooks are among the most profitable of all the opportunities to make money online and for sellers too. check it out, once you have written you eBook on a topic that you know and love and have a passion for and you know there is a demand for, then there is not more costs for you to absorb. Everything after that is nothing but just pure profit.

There are no print costs, no storage costs and no shipping costs.

Like I said before, pure profit.

And since the internet is a place people search for information online, it will always be a market and demand for well targeted information products.

2. Sell other peoples products: another great way to make money online is to sell other companies products through an affiliate program. Affiliate programs allow you to promote other products on your website and make a commission.

Go to Associateprograms.com and you can find a whole host of them there.

3. You can place advertising on your website: Make money by being a publisher with Google Adsense

when you become a publisher, ads related to your keywords will show on your web pages. This strategy is great for a high traffic and content rich sites and blogs.

4. If you have a service, sell it: some people don't have products to sell but they can sell a service such as web design, or dog grooming or whatever. Actually you can promote and sell just about any service online, For instance you could offer an article writing service for a fee.

5. Sell your junk: This is the last of the top 5 best opportunities to make money online. Selling the stuff that you have around the house has become very popular. Not just the stuff around you house though. You can have a very profitable business selling stuff on auction sites.

I offer a free ebook called Make your Net Auctions Sell (you can download at the bottom of the page)and also if you plan to have a business selling stuff on ebay you want to learn effective ways of getting targeted organic traffic to you site and learn auction tips too. Sites like ebay (an auction site) and even craigslist.com (a classified site) allows you to sell pretty much anything.

There are even sites that will dropship products for you directly to your customer. You pay a wholesale price and you charge something higher to the customer and you keep the difference. I have a source you can check out called the dropship source directory. These guys are absolutely the best in the industry. So, if you think you don't have anything to sell, well just look around, there are plenty of opportunities to make money online .


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