Are you looking for those perfect online business opportunities, Well look no further because I have an Idea for you. Write and ebook. Yes you heard me right, write an ebook about a subject you are passionate about. You can set up a website that is completely automated to sell the ebook. It is the ultimate hands free business opportunity and the best thing is that it wont cost you anything to produce it.

There are several steps involved in order to take advantage of this opportunity

You have to:

1. Come up with a list of ideas for the ebook,
2. Research you ideas to find out if there is a market for it,
3. Go Ahead create you ebook,
4. Distribute it across the Internet,
5. Make a list of things you are interested in of have knowledge and passion about,
6. Then narrow down your list to about five topics you would be comfortable writing about.

Online Business Opportunities After you have your list narrowed down, do a little research to be sure if any of your ideas will lead to great online business opportunities. The best place to start you research is Brainstorm it! and also Wordtracker.
With Brainstorm it,you'll discover great keyword niches you never knew existed before! Niches that are perfect for you and a business, niches you can certainly win! Wordtracker will allow you to see how many times a word of phrase has been searched within the past 60 days

The key is to find keywords that have a lot of people searching but not many sites competing for those words and phrases. With that in mind, of no one is searching for information that might be in your ebook, you wont make any sales period.

After you have figured out which one of your ideas has the best potential move to the next step of this online business opportunity and that is to create you info product. Creating an ebook is easier than you might think especially if you use the right tools. It doesn't have to be perfect writing either because people these days aren't looking for perfect. Just be yourself when you write and everything will be fine. A nice informal tone of writing would be perfectly fine.

Ok now sit down and write out about 20 pages or so on your favorite subject or passion and include a lot of examples. Also be sure to back up any claims that you make with statistics and research. Now, If you don't want to write it yourself, get someone else to write your content for you.

After you are finished, you have to decide how you are going to package the ebook to make the best of this now online business opportunity. I recommend a secure software solution that will prevent people from stealing your information without your knowledge.
Next, get your sales site up and going. The best way to get instant traffic is to use pay per click advertising such as Google Ad words and yahoo Search. Write ads that are eye catching and that let people know what they will find on your website. Do this and soon you will have a lot of visitors buying your product.

The internet is a really big place and this is what makes selling an ebook one of the best online business opportunities today. Selling a ebook is quick and easy and can get you a lot of exposure. So you ready to get started with your project?

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