In this article you will be learning a little bit about on page optimizationand how to get it right.

As people try hard to obtain higher ranking SEO's usually focus mostly on off page optimization building links for their websites and doing things like social media campaings and the like. Before doing these things just make sure that the page you are trying to promote is properly optimized for the keyword you are trying to rank for. Follow the guidelines to follow and you will gain some extra positions in the listings

When building your pages, create search engine friendly url's. I am sure you have seen those creazy looking url's with numbers and all kinds of junk in them. Well this is a good example if what not to do. It is better to have a url that makes sense to the search engines with your key words in it. For instance if you are optimizing for the term "search engine optimization" your url should look like this www.yourdomain.com/search-engine-optimization.html. It is easier for the search engines to understand what your page is about. This will definately help you jump several positions in the search engines results.

Your page title is probably the most important element on your web page. You should defitantly use your keywords in the title tag. Make sure that the keywords flows in a natural way in the title tag. Remember you are writing the content for visitors and also search engine spiders.

The use of header tags is important also. Use the header tags to emphasize the most important points on your webpage. Search engines will place more weight on H1 tags. Remember to weave your keywords in naturally.

Internal link structure is another important aspect with on page optimization.when linking from one page to another page on your website try to usemeaningful keyword rich anchor texts and not the standard read more or click here links. The way you use internal linking will affect your search engine rankings.

Using ALT tags are also important. Adding images is a good way to make your site stand out more. It is more appealing to your visitors. ALT tags will do you good in the search engines and be shown instead of images to users who use text only browsers. This will also help you rank in Google image search results.

These are the basic guidelines you should follow when optimizing your content for the search engines.. There is much more to on page optimization than I have mentioned here. There is special SEO sortware to analyze web pages and compare them to the top ranked websites. In depth content analysis is avaliable that will allow you to find all the areas where your content is not up to par in terms of Seo, so go now get some more information.