Make money by writing articles is defiantly a great way of using article marketing to your advantage. To do this takes a little know how and some ability to do properly.

Some people think that writing is easy. They might be right because the standard that the article directories have in place these days is very poor. I think the directories should raise their standard just a bit.

Anyone can make money by writing articles if you know how to write properly. And if you know how to use articles to get traffic to your site. Article marketing is just one of three marketing techniques, the others being search engine marketing and building a list. Article marketing can be used to build your list and also get your website promoted online.

Reason being you article can be listed on Google and other engines. Once your article is accepted by a directory it will then be published on its own page. If you optimize the page for your main keywords which should be included in your title and in the first few words of your article, it will then probably be spidered just lake any other web page.

When you write your articles include a link to you site in the authors resource box. Send your visitor to a squeeze page that collects their information, but give them something of value for free in exchange for their details such as an ebook or free course. After collecting their details, then send them to a page with useful content.

When you do this you are using article marketing the right way. Keep your readers interested by offering them useful and free information. Think about this, if you can tell them something about their niche that they didn't already know then they are likely to respect you and want to read more of your work.

When you can convince you readers that you can help them make some money they will continue to read your material. Some people think that you should submit only one article to one directory. Actually you can submit each article to 100 directories. Space out the submittions over a period of 2-4 weeks and not all at once. You will get gradual increase in your traffic over that 4 week period and your websites should improve in their listing positions.

Do this every week, I mean write an article every week and you should not see a slow down in traffic, but it should actually increase

Now you know you can make money by writing articles and generate traffic using article marketing.

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