The Best Internet Marketing Solution, an Online Shopping Cart

I have the perfect internet marketing solution for you if you sell more than a couple of products on your website

The perfect internet marketing business solution is a online shopping cart software application. The software will collect the products you want to purchase on a retail sales website and place the order for you. Why then is an online shopping cart the best automated solution for order taking?

Internet Marketing Solution graphic Shopping cart software will store information such as product details, customer information and ordering info and will display info to store visitors. Also inventory management, has advertising capabilities, and permission marketing. When you decide what features you want in your internet marketing solution you can narrow your search.

There are several hundred shopping carts to choose from and they will usually fall into one of these three categories listed below.

Application Service Providers or ASP as they are commonly called, provide the shopping cart as a service to you. The cart is hosted on the ASP servers but you get everything you need to run it. When you sign up for ASP it's like paying someone to take care of the whole process for you.

Shopping cart software is software that you pay a flat to licence and in this case you are it, meaning you are responsible for installing and hosting the application yourself.

Carts that are customized are ones that you build yourself. There is really no need to write your own shopping cart software unless you have a specific need. Other than that it is not necessary to do so.

Most small business web sites don't need special customization. So now, what's is the best option for you?

The main difference between ASP and a regular shopping cart software is that ASP's come with a merchant account and a payment gateway while the software packages normally do not.

So in conclusion, if you want a one stop internet marketing solution go with a online shopping cart provided by an ASP

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