If you are an online business starting an internet marketing email promotion this can be a good way to make some extra income with just a little effort.

Internet Marketing Email Promotion For the average visitor, they will visit your website four to seven times before they decide to buy something from you. So what you have to do is stay in touch with them and build a relationship with them and one of the best ways to do this is email communication. When they visit your website be sure to collect their email address so you can follow up at a later date.

With an email promotion you can build credibility with you visitors and prove that you are an expert in your field. You are able to win your visitors by providing free and valuable information that they can use. Once your visitors are feeling more confident with you and your products the will most likely buy from you rather than a competitor. Once they buy from you once, they will buy again and again. So work on gaining trust.

If you have existing customers, an internet marketing email promotion is a good way to stray in touch with your existing customers as well. You can sell to them with targeted follow up offers.

When you first start an marketing email promotion, it is very important that you automate this process from the very beginning by choosing a good email program or a reliable email marketing service.

If you choose software, it should be able to:

automatically handle subscribes and unsubscribes,locate and remove duplicate addresses, record the time date of every single subscription and if someone accuses you of spam you can prove that they opted into your list. You should be able to personalize the subject line of your messages and other elements as well. If you automate you will save yourself a lot of time that you should be growing your business with.

I have found that one of the best internet marketing email programs is Mailloop, this software comes with an opt in form template and very simple instructions for adding the template to you site. Mailloop will collect and store an unlimited amount of personal info about your visitors and existing customers too.

If you are not using an internet marketing email promotion to increase your credibility and to keep in touch with your visitors, you are making a big mistake. Mailloop is the best software for accomplishing this or you can use services like Aweber or Getresponse which are both well known in the industry.

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