If you want to increase website rank in Google, Yahoo!, and other major search engines, you'll need more than just a basic knowledge of search engine optimization. Those who rank high on natural search results do so because they've been able to effectively manage their on page and their off page optimization factors.

On-page Optimization  

How you optimize your web pages can have a positive or negative impact on your search engine results.  But as we will discuss later on in this article,  off page optimization is more powerful when it comes to the increasing of your natural search engine placement in the serps.

You know, some of the most important on page techniques begin with selecting a keyword to optimize you web page for.  There are several free tools on the Internet that can help you find a keyword that is really popular but not to competitive.  Keywords that are highly competitive are to often difficult to rank well for.

Don't optimize for a single keyword, rather optimize for a keyword phrase.  When you optimize for a keyword and not a phrase usually that word is highly competitive and the chances of ranking well for that word is minimal.  Keyword phrases is where you gain the advantage and increase website rank in Google.

When writing place your keyword phrase within the first 100 characters and in the last paragraph.  The H1 tag is used for writing a headline on you page and emphasizing your keyword phrase in the beginning of your page text.  Some may suggest to use you keyword phrase just after your copy write notice on the bottom of your page.

Put your keyword phrase in your page description and title as well.  And make sure you place it through your page Make sure to bold it at least once and italicize it once and  underline it once.  In a 500 word article two or three times is sufficient.  Just make sure it is mentioned in a natural way.

Off-page Optimization

Now off page optimization is equally as important if not more important.  Out of all the techniques that have been developed for search engine optimization it still boils down to the popularity of your website.

You may ask what I mean by popularity right?  Popularity is the number and quality of web pages that are linking to your website.  Links actually count as votes.  So the more votes you have the better.

There are several ways to improve link popularity and increase website rank in google.  I will recommend a products I use called Article Submitter Platinum and Directory Submitter.  There is another product I have heard good things about as well called Article Announcer.  These products will take a lot of time off you submission work.

Mark sure that the incoming links you get are of high quality meaning that the sites have a good page rank.  This will also help increase website Google.

Try to get site to link to you using your anchor text or your keyword phrase.  
For instance if you write an article about "article marketing" which is your keyword phrase,  when you have a website link to you use the anchor text article marketing.  Doing it this way will get you to the top of the search engine results.

Give people plenty of reason to link to your website.  You can do this in many ways such as offering free content or tools.  In the end make sure you offer something of value, when you do you will get votes from other websites.

To Increase website rank in Google and  major search engines isn't as complex as it seems.   But it does take time and a lot of  effort.  If you want to increase your sites ranking, start by implementing what you've learned in this article and stay on your course.

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