Increase WebSite Conversions with These Simple Steps

Generating traffic to your website is an important first step to increase website conversions.
In order to succeed online you will need to go beyond traffic generation and focus on converting visitors to your site. A lot of marketers spend a lot of money generating traffic to their sites but fail at the last step of marketing and that is website conversion. Below is a list of steps to help anyone increase website conversions on their site and also increase online sales.

Identify your goals. Begin with the end in you mind. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your online marketing? Some websites the purpose is to generate sales. And for others it is just lead generation. No matter what your specific purpose is, having a clear and defined goal is imperative for conversion success.

Organize and of course optimize the site structure of your website. Make sure it is well organized and simple to navigate. You usually only have about 7 seconds to plead your case with your visitors and capture their attention. If your pages are difficult to navigate and has no sense of order, then they will just leave your site.

Make sure that your website has a clear message and carry that message throughout the page you are promoting. Even if you are speaking about a service or product or category, keep the message consistent and by all means keep it relevant.

Make sure there are calls to action. Lead the website visitor by the hand. Don't expect the visitor to know what move to make next. give precise directions and steps as to what to do next.

Make darn sure your web pages load quickly cause most visitors have little patience when it comes to waiting for pages to load. Your pages should ideally fully load in under 8 seconds. There is research that shows that as many as 50% of all web visitors will leave a page if not loaded in 8 seconds. You cant increase website conversions with slow page loads.

Focus on your customers buying experience. Is it easy to purchase your products and or services or do you make you customers jump through hoops in order to purchase from you. Simplify your registration process.

Test, test rinse and repeat. To Increase the conversions on your site is an ongoing process to say the least. Make sure that you have the proper analytics i place to evaluate and improve on your conversion rates. If you don't have a tracking process, try Google Analytics and the Google conversion tracking process.

Converting your customers is one of the most important aspects of online marketing processes. Without focusing on conversions much of the money you spend on online marketing is wasted. figure out what your goals are,develop a effective web site and create a positive buying experience that you measure and refine over a period of time. Do these things and you will

increase website conversions.

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