When you write article you want to increase web traffic and get more prospects now. When you are writing articles you will attract attention and get more traffic, online publicity and profits.

Now if you want to write articles that will get read and keep your visitors coming back, you must follow some simple rules of writing for an online audience. Online consumers are different than the regular consumer.

When writing, talk to your readers and use words that people know. Don't use jargon cause it can be boring. You will certainly loose your audience. Write like you talk and just let you personality and experiences come through. The connection you make with your audience will be much better.

Words have power so use action words to describe what you are writing about. Your article will be more exciting. Action verbs will move your readers along.

Make you article of benefit to the reader. Your readers could care less about what you have accomplished in your life. They don't care how many awards you have won or how many books you have read, all they care about is whether or not you can shed some light on the problem they have. Add the benefit to your title cause this is what they see first.

Try to connect with your readers emotions. If you can do this you will certainly increase web traffic to you site. Make your audience feel smarter,richer,happier and thinner.

When writing keep the paragraphs and sentences short and to the point. When you readers see long sentences and paragraphs with no bullet points or sub headings, they will skip your article and move on to the next one. Big chunks of information scares some people. So keep you sentences short.

Don't make your readers read through several paragraphs of information before getting to the point. If you do this you will loose them. Give your audience bits of relevant information through the whole article. This will keep them interested and at the end they will click on the link in your resource box and possibly buy your stuff.

Bottom line, to increase web traffic make everything about what you write simple, from using the right words and sentences to just getting to the point. Solve their problem. Keep everything as simple as possible so that even a child can understand.

These are just a few tips on how to increase web traffic to your site. Visit Pete's website for more information on article writing and marketing and even search engine optimization secrets which is really no secret at all. Just some simple steps to follow. Go now and get the information.

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