How to register a domain name
is a question that all newbie's to the internet that want to create a website are asking. It really pretty easy. But first I want to congratulate you on making the 1st step in creating your website. Please read the entire page because there is important information contained on this page.
How To Register A domain Name

If you are trying to make money with your website, you don't want to rush this step of of learning how to register a domain name. But if you already know about picking a domain name and the importance of it go here and register it now. If not, keep reading this article on how to register a domain name.

There are a couple of steps that you have to take to get your site online, registering your domain name is of course the first step. A domain name is the or some people call it the web address of your website. Once you have completed the registration of your domain name, you will need to get a host, this is the second step. The host is the company that allows you to upload your files that will make up your website so that it can be displayed to the world.

But lets look at selecting the best domain name for you. Is it important that your site be found in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Msn? If so I recommend that you register a name that contains your site concept keyword, for instance if your site is about boat racing, register a name like www,boat-racing- or or maybe even or something to that effect. Think about what a searcher would search for when looking for your site and use that as your domain name. Use keywords that your target audience would most likely use to search for you for the domain name.

Now if you are just going to create a website for your local area, well getting traffic from all over the world is probably not important to you. In this case you may want to increase brand awareness and just use your company name as the domain name.

Keep in mind that your domain name is not the only deciding factor in how the search engines rank your site, the content and the popularity of your site from inbound links is a very important factor as well

Below are some more tips on how to register a domain name.

1. Try not to register a domain name that is too long because sometimes it is hard to remember one that is long. I understand that you are able to register names up to 63 characters but don't go overboard with it. You want to make sure people will remember the domain name.

2. you want to use hyphens in the domain name if you domain has more that three words to it. It is easier to read that way and it's better for the search engines as well.

3. Protect your domain name by registering multiple extensions, for instance when you register the domain you will usually have the option of registering other extensions associated with your domain if they aren't already taken. Say you register www., well some other extensions that are available might be, org, tv, info etc.... This in a since protects the domain. It's not necessary to build a website for the other names, but at least you have them so no one else can buy that domain like copy cats.

If you want to reserve a domain name, it is easy to do and doesn't cost a whole lot either. The larger companies like charge $30-$35 per domain compared to companies like who only charge $6dollars and 99cents for the same service.

When you register your domain it is common that they ask you to keep your details private, most registrar charge your for this but with 1and1 this service is free. If you register a private domain, this will prevent a lot of spam from reaching you email box. If you ever have a question 1and1 has top notch customer support.
and is available 24/7.

So now that you understand how to register a domain name , what is stopping you? One thing that I failed to mention is that there are companies that can offer you an all in one package like domain registration, hosting, search engine submission, search engine optimization and much more. I use a company called Solo Build It for this website. Personally I think they are the best in the business. Check out the tools they offer and compare them to other sites. This company will take you step by step when it comes to learning how to register a domain name.

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