Discover How To Make Money Online Using Online Seo

You want to know how to make money online then you must first get a website. After that use search engine optimization, better known as SEO to have the best opportunity for your website to be listed high in the search engines and in turn it gives you a better opportunity to make money online.

The first thing you will need when learning how to make money online is a product of course but products to sell on the internet are easy to find. Most all companies have some sort of affiliate program. There are private Label Rights to ebook's you can purchase. Or you can create your own product.

Good search engine optimization will get you a high listing and there are many ways you can format your HTML and CSS and the text on your pages to ensure that you get good results with the keyword you are using and your content.

This involves optimizing using the HEAD section of the source code that isn't seen by the reader but is most definitely used by the search engine spiders when they calculate the relevance of your page to the keywords you use.

Keywords are the most important part of internet marketing but many people still don't fully understand what they are. If you want to make good money online using search engine optimization, which I'm sure you do, you have to fully understand keywords and their use in SEO.

If you are searching for info online for, say, the history of canal locks, then you might use the term 'historyof canal locks,' or just 'canal lock', or even 'the history of locks' or something of that nature. These terms are keywords. It doesn't matter if they are one word or five words.

Google then looks for web pages in their listings that contain all of the individual words left in your keyword, of which in this example there are two - 'history' and 'locks', then those that contain only one. If your web site has been listed, the spiders will have determined the relevance of it to the keyword, and then to the partial keyword. It will then list all the pages it finds containing 'history' and 'locks' according to the calculated relevance to these keywords.

Now this is where your search engine optimization comes into effect. You have to persuade the search engines that your web page is much more relevant to the search term, or keyword, than any other, and your success, or lack of it, will be reflected in your search engine position.

Now you can emphasize that importance by including your keywords in your TITLE tag, that only search engine spiders will see, and also in H1 heading tags that readers will see. You can use the keyword in important positions, such as in your first 100 characters and in the final paragraph, and also restrict its use to no more than twice in your first 500 characters, and no more than around 4 or 5 times in a 400 word article. Some experts believe even that to be too many now days.

You should also use language and vocabulary that allows the spiders to determine that your web page is about canal locks and not just security locks, since the title 'the History of Locks' does not offer that distinction. That is where Google's latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithm comes in.

There are many other ways to learn how to make money online using search engine optimization on your web pages, and once you have learned and applied these in your internet marketing campaigns you will have a better chance than most of getting your web page listed high in the Google listings, and those of the other search engines, and so getting you lots of free advertising that is critical to your online success.

For more information on how to make money online using search engine optimization follow the link and download a free ebook called SEO Made Easy. how to make money online using search engine optimization follow the link and download a free ebook called SEO Made Easy.

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