Few people really know how to make money online writing articles in spite of the number that profess to be able to do it. Articles can be used in a couple of fundamental ways. They can be used on your website or on web pages of other marketers and webmasters. The purpose of articles is to be read and this will happen either on article directory's,ezines or other websites.

There is no point in having a bunch of graphics if you aren't making any money. Article directories and ezines exist to help you make money. Most people that are online trying to make money really have no idea how to do it. There is no knowledge of how to advertise their product if they even have one to begin with. they usually rely on affiliate programs.

There isn't anything wrong with that cause most all offline retail stores sell products made and produced by other people. Now if you want to sell a product online you must know how to promote it and this is how articles come into play. Having well written articles that attract interest and persuade readers to visit you chosen web page can make the difference between making a lot of money or not.

So you ask, how to make money online writing articles? Very few people are trying to find out these days because if you do a keyword search using the terms article and money you get almost nothing . But with articles and marketing there are a lot more people searching

There are several ways to use writing articles online to make some cash, and the most profitable would be getting your work listed on Page 1 of Google for your targeted keyword or even the title of your page. Don't get fooled by all the sites on google that provide the same information. Search engines seem to give a higher weighting to content an article directories that on regular web pages. u get better traffic results submitting to the top 20 article directories that you do publishing it on your website.

If your article is listed on one of the search engines with no competition on the page, you have a winner. This is what happens when your article is published on an article directory.

Few people understand how to make money online writing articles than you think, but if you can understand how to do it then you have solved two of the major problems with making money online.

Want more information about marketing articles properly, download Article Czar. It will provide you with all the info you need to make full use of articles to make money with.

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