How to get your site a top ranking in googleis easy if you know what to do. Picture this, you have a website that appears in a top spot in the Google search engine for your chosen keyword or keyword phrase. The next thing you know, more orders start coming in faster than you can and know what to do with and you are rolling in the money. Man oh man if only it was that easy.

You know something, it can be done. It' not a big secret or anything. It is just knowing what the process is for achieving high rankings. Getting links to your site would be the single most important thing to do

Granted there are several other factors that are involved in getting your site to the top of Google, but this one is one of the more powerful. You can't just have links pointing to your website, you also need to have your keyword anchor linked. This means having your keyword be clickable from say an article directory or another's website. so instead of saying click here for more "article writing secrets" you should say check out our website for more "article writing secrets" making the words article writing secrets clickable.

Next is determining what keyword or keyword phrase you want to use to get your website found. Think of what you are trying to accomplish. You want targeted traffic so your keyword needs to be specific to what you are selling. It will be a keyword phrase and not just a single keyword.

For instance, a visitor may type in "dress" but they may be looking for "sun dress" or maybe a particular color of sun dress. so when optimizing you site always focus on more targeted keyword phrases. This is one suggestion as to how to get your site a top ranking in google.

After you have gathered your list of keywords, you then need to find out which ones are searched on the most. There are many tools on the net for determining this. I personally use a site build it product called brain stormer. It gives you a lot of information. You put in a seed word and it gives you hundreds of related keywords and phrases to build your pages around. It also gives you the supply,demand and profitability of the keyword or keyword phrase.

Once you have you list, pick the ones with the highest amount of searches (demand) but with the lowest (supply) websites that use that keyword or phrase. Next, begin a link building campaign.

Reciprocal linking is ok but make sure you are choosing good sites to exchange links with and not with just anyone that is willing. Make sure the website is relevant to you website . The other way is article marketing. Write articles for your site to submit to articles directories. You can obtain a lot of one way links from the directories and also from people that use your articles for their sites.

Now that you have engaged in a linking campaign you can sometimes see results in Google in as little as 4 days to as much as 6 months it all depends on where you links are coming from, and how popular the site is that you linked to. Work on getting as many incoming links to your site as you can with your anchor text. Do this for all your pages on your site.

There many other factors that will only enhance your rankings in the Google search engine, but the implementation of a link campaign is the strongest method of how to get your site a top ranking in Google .