The search engines don't care about how to design a website , people do. Search engines will not index a site for its layout, but they will index you for your content that is on the pages. If you call yourself a serious entrepreneur and you want to have a site that will send the right message, you must know that there is some design techniques that are simply not appropriate for a business website.

A lot of design firms will promise a site that respect the web standards, sites that are usable and search engine friendly but many of these companies just don't deliver. A Professional company will mention them and also inform you how a website should increase revenue, bring in more buying customers and traffic.

How To Design A Website

A Professional company will develop a site concept after understanding your corporate values, and analyzing your target market. These are important factors when looking for a design company.

When learning how to design a website , keep in mind there are several elements of website design that will screw up a business website. Some are just bad practices and others are just useless and non appealing. Yet every day business websites are put up on the internet.

Designing a website using Flash instead of text is the worst thing you can do. A lot of designers love to use flash, but it is no good for the site. All it does is look pretty, increase the size of the page and it isn't search engine friendly. It is just like oil and water, the two just don't mix.

Flash is ok for sites like rock bands or movie sites that need to look cool, but not for a site that you intend to make money with. If you just cant do without flash on your site, create a now flash version as well.

Something else that is annoying is text that is too small. If people cant read the text on your site, they will simply click away. And don't over use images, animated buttons and flashy banners. They just annoy your visitors. There is nothing worse than a site that makes you dizzy.

You probably have never seen a global business design like the one just mentioned. Most have a standard design with simple navigation with plain text on a simple white background. And the graphics are in harmony with the content on the page. There is a good reason for having a simple web design. Create sites that are logical and are easy to use creating sites that sell now that is how to design a website.

It will take a real designer to design simple web pages that are appealing and simple and most importantly sites that work and delivers traffic. Remember to build sites that make sense. make sites that load faster and are easier to read and navigate. A simple design will cost less and bring more. Keep all the is mind when learning

how to design a website.

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