Many newbie's frequently ask the question, how does affiliate marketing work? The answer is really pretty simple. Affiliate marketing is just a popular method of marketing web businesses in which you as an affiliate is paid for every visitor to your site that makes a purchase through your affiliate link. If you are familiar with finders fee's you know what an affiliate is. Basically the same thing affiliate marketing is just a more modern version of that. The commission you receive will vary from merchant to merchant but it can be anywhere from 10% to about 75% for digital products.
how does affiliate marketing work

Some merchants will pay you based on pay per click, pay per lead, or the most common is pay per sale. Merchants love affiliate marketing because they don't pay you until a sale is made by the affiliate. They also love affiliate marketing because they don't have to pay high advertising cost to bring in new customers.

Some of the larger ecommerce merchants run their own affiliate programs and some use networks like commission junction, linkshare, clickbank and the pepperjam network. Networks are good because you can find hundreds of merchants in one place. It makes choosing an affiliate program easier. Some successful companies owe their success and growth to these networks and marketing techniques.

There are many different technologies available today for merchants considering an affiliate program. for instance there is stand alone software, hosted services shopping carts with affiliate features, and of course affiliate networks.

In the old days affiliates were looked upon in a very negative way because affiliates use to do a lot of spamming to market merchants products. Affiliate marketing has evolved and merchant no longer tolerate this type of marketing.

Spam dexing is the new kid on the block. Many affiliates have moved from sending email spam to creating lots of auto generated webpages to spam the search engines. Same thing as before just a different flavor. Eventually these affiliates will be caught as well. And their business will suffer because of it.

In conclusion, I have given some information that hopefully I have answered the question how does affiliate marketing work . For more information on affiliate marketing, and other types of marketing, visit the articles page


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