Want to join the highest paying affiliate programs? Yea, me too but there are other factors besides a large commission that are important when choosing a affiliate program that will result in a high commission.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Some questions you might want to ask yourself before you commit to an affiliate program are:

  • Would you personally use the product yourself? If you wouldn't use it yourself, no body will use it either.
    And that means no sales to speak of. You have to believer in the product yourself if you are to sell it effectively. Your customers will know when you really believer in the product yourself.
  • This is an important one in determining the highest paying affiliate programs, is the product related to the theme of your site? Successful websites usually only feature one or two products. Sites that have a host of unrelated products are extremely hard to market, in fact they may even seem unprofessional.
  • Does the website convert the visitors you get into sales? Even if you have a great product, that can't make up for a bad sales process. If your site can't convert browsers into buyers, don't even bother sending traffic to it.
  • Do an assessment to find out if the site has compelling sales copy that will make you want to buy the product. Does the site have a professional look and feel to it? Is there an opt in form on the site and are there customer testimonials? If the site has these things, then the site will probably make sales.
  • Next, is there a tracking system for affiliates that will credit you on all sales you send? They should have "cookies" for tracking and preferably for one year or longer. I know of an affiliate program that pays you for the lifetime of the customer, can't bet that with a stick. Even if the customer doesn't buy right away, you will get credit for the sale whenever they do buy.

The company should offer excellent tools and resources for promoting their products like banner ads, text ads, email promotions, maybe even some articles and my favorite, affiliate links for different aspects of their site oh and don't forget videos. One of the highest paying affiliate programs that I am a part of has all this.

The money that you will make will always depend on how well you are able to promote the products and also the factors that I mentioned above will as well.

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing and the highest paying affiliate programs , visit our articles page and read more informative articles that will help you grow your business.


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