Use good design practices when building your website because it says volumes about you company, and it should. It's like the headquarters of a major company So it is important to have good design to maximize visitors and sales.

Before you create and upload a website, be sure to plan exactly what you will need in the site. Thoroughly consider your audience and target market and also define the purpose and decide what content will be developed is extremely important.

You should make sure and have a clear direction on the navigation of your website. The navigation should not be cluttered but should be clear so that the visitors know how to navigate around the site without confusion

Don't have to many images on the site but if you have images make sure you optimize them using imaging editing programs so there is minimum file size.

Keep your paragraphs at a decent length. Keep your paragraph size to 4 or 5 lines if your paragraphs are too long you will loose your readers. Make absolutely sure you website complies to web standards located at . Make sure your site is cross-browser compatible.

Don't use scripting languages on your site unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Use scripting languages to handle and manipulate data. using heavy scripts will slow down the loading time of your website and even cause some browsers to crash. And some scripts are not even supported in all browsers so you might loose some visitors if anything happens

Use CSS to style you page content cause CSS saves a lot of work by styling all the elements on your site.

Use CSS to style your page content because they save a lot of work by styling all elements on your website in one go.

These are just a few good design practices that you can implement on your website.

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