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In this article you are going to learn how to get more website traffic to your site. Whenever you write your articles you will always attract more attention to your site and get more traffic and of course more online publicity and more profits. Got Traffic Now if you want to write articles that people read and keep reading and keeps them coming back for more then you must follow some simple basic rules for writing for an online audience. Writing for print is different from writing for the online reader.

write like you are having a conversation. Talk to your readers in ways that they understand and by all means use words that understand. Don't use jargon because you will loose your readers very quickly. so use words that people are familiar with. Let you personality and experience come through in your words. I promise you will connect with them better.

Remember your words have power. Use words that describe what you are talking about. This will bring your article alive and make it exciting to read. Action verbs are more inviting and will cause the reader to keep going. They will also reduce the number of words you have to use to get your point across.

Get more website traffic by making your article be of benefit to the reader. Your visitors don't give a rats ass how may awards you have won and they don't care how many degrees you have or even how many novels you have written. All they want to know is if you can help them solve their problems. So include a benefit in your title when you are composing your article.

Try to connect with the readers emotions as well. Everyone wants to feel like they are smarter,richer and happier or even thinner so use these emotions to connect with the reader.

Try to keep your sentences and your paragraphs short and to the point. Readers don't like to see long paragraphs and long sentences with no bullet points or sub-headings. They will usually skip that article and move on to the next one. It takes a lot of time and effort to read an article that is to long. If you sentences are longer that 15 to 20 words, make it two sentences. Use bullet points and subheadings, it attracts readers to the article.

When writing you want to tease your readers with bits and pieces of information they need to know. Do this through the article, this way they will hang around to the end and even want to click your link to visit you site.

so in conclusion use simpler words and sentences and get to the point. Make people understand what you are writing about and everything will be ok. I hope you have learned a little about how to get more website traffic to your site.

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