Someone once asked me to define search engine optimization. So here goes. Search engine optimization is simply this, it is the science of increasing website traffic to your site by improving the external factors and also the internal factors that influence the ranking in search results. It is a major player in this thing called internet marketing.

Although it is mostly technical in its nature, it includes web programming expertise and also business sense, persuasion, good sales ability and problem solving. If you are able to get all this right then you have a website that is capable of keeping your desired revenue goals while at the same time achieving high rankings in the organic search results.

Building a website involves more that just technical skills, or content building, or link building but it involves a blend of more than 200 variables put into a website. You must have the right tools and information in order to accomplish this. The information is out there, you just have to be diligent and seek it out. You may not find it all in one place but it is there.

You should understand that being in the tip 10 ranking in all the major search engines and directories can sometimes be achieved, but very few sites get there because of the lack of knowledge on the fact. Ranking results change week to week due to the competition these days. remember this, content is king so the more relevant content you have on your website the better. Always ad content, daily if possible. Keep the search engines happy and they will keep you happy. In a nutshell that's how you

define search engine opimization.

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