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More Information About SBWD Custom/Maintenance Work

SBWD Services Packages, based on in-depth research, provide the best solutions for the majority of small business owners. However, there are times when your business needs something that is not covered in a package. Custom/Maintenance Work is the answer.

What is Custom/Maintenance Work?

Custom/Maintenance Work covers smaller site-related tasks, such as adding additional graphics, creating a contact form, embedding audio or video messages into one of your pages, setting up a newsletter, adding AdSense code, ongoing support and coaching or building a site map for your site. The custom work package has been develop for those jobs that do not fall under any of the other packages.

How does the SBI! Custom/Maintenance Work Package work?

You can book the exact number of hours that you need for your Custom/Maintenance Work. To help you define your needs and determine your budget, your Specialist will provide an exact quote on how much time is needed to accomplish a task. This quote describes the work, the amount of time required for completion and the payment process.

As is the case with all of our packages, you can book the work, pay for it and your Specialist will take care of the rest.

What is included?

Your Specialist will do all of the work that you have agreed and paid for based on your quotation. The price is for the Custom Work or Maintenance, and as such is a fixed price. You will not be charged extra for any reason, so you can control your budget exactly.

What does the SBWD Custom/Maintenance Work Package cost?

1 hr - $75
2 hrs - $150
3 hrs - $225
4 hrs - $300
5 hrs - $375

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