Content Is King

Ever heard the term content is king? It's true and there are several secrets you will learn on creating a successful business on the internet. It is possible that you may have heard of these secrets before. My goal here is that you will have a new perspective when you are done reading.

I must stress one thing. You can soak up all the information on the planet but unless you have a strong determination and very strong persistence it wont work. This business takes a lot of hard work to be a success. Try to work smarter rather than harder. Any average person can be a success as a web business owner

Content Is King

Everyone has heard that term before. But how do you use this to your own advantage. The content you produce has to be optimized for the search engines for it to do its job properly. It helps that it be an easy read as well. You must please both the search engines and the human visitor.

When producing your content, use specific keywords placed on all the correct places on the page. For most people the tuff part is deciding what keywords to use to begin with. Keywords can be single words or multiple word phrases.

What do you search for? Try to put yourself in the shoes of a person searching for your business. What keyword phrase would you use? Analyze the search term to determine how may people are searching for it. Supply and demand is certainly a factor here. The more demand and the least amount of supply is best and it means more profit for you.

There are Several Options

There are several options for determining profit potential. Search the terms your self. Pay someone, a company to do the analysis for you. Or you can purchase software that does all the work for you. I have a personal favorite called keyword elite. If you don't do the proper keyword research, you might as well forget about being a success on the web cause it wont work without it.

Next Step

The next thing you should do is to plan the site layout. Your site should be three tiers. Tier one is your home page, tier two should be all your main topics and tier three are sub topics of the tier two pages. Doing this makes it much easier for your visitors to navigate your site and it makes it easy for the search engine spiders to find all pages on your site.

You must optimize all pages on the site to do well and rank high in the serps, (search engine results pages) Many people spend far to much time doing this. There is software available that makes this task easier. There is also a good web based company that shows you step by step how to optimize your site. I recommend site build it for this.

The content you add to your site must pre-sell your product or service. When you have 50 or more content pages for you visitors to read through, this will cause you to become an expert in your field and there fore the visitors will start to show up.

When a visitor finds your site through the engines make sure you are not trying to sell them right of the bat. These visitors are looking for information and it is your job to give it to them. If all they get is a sales pitch, they will hit the back button and go someplace else.

This is why pre-selling your product or service is so important. Give your visitors what they want, information. Answer their questions first and then let them know about your product or service. This develops rapport with the visitor and keeps them on your site longer. Rember, content is king.

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