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Today you will learn some differences between two of the best website design software, Xsitepro and Site build It. They are both great programs, but there are some differences so keep reading and you determine which one is for you.


Best Website Design Software Ken Envoy's Site Build It is what is known as and all-in-one package. It offers keyword research domain name registration web hosting and marketing strategies all in one complete package. It's great for the beginner because it takes you step by step from start to finish. There is even a link exchange program.

Xsitepro is a web creation program that is run from your desktop. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) This program also includes CSS and HTML functions. Xsitepro is really more of a stand alone program as opposed to a total site management program.

Feature Comparison

Domain name registration and renewal, website hosting are a part of the Site Build It program. As I said before, Xsitepro is a stand alone program so you will have to acquire your domain name and hosting separately Site Build It offers many tools within the package such as ezine tools, research tools form building tools and much much more which makes it the best website design software.

Search engine optimization is built in to XsitePro with an SEO wizard. SBI is a little different because of the step by step process. Both programs are content driven. No matter what you use, you will always need good constant fresh content.

Both website design software options have forums and good customer support, but Xsitepro is more flexible in terms of operation. Xsite is a stand alone product, SBI is totally online, but you can operate from any computer.

Takes a bit longer to get through the process of building a site as opposed to Xsite because there is more reading and or viewing. All lessons are on video as well.

XsitePro 2 XsitePro is geared more for the internet marketer because of the ability to store details of your affiliate link information. Adsense advertising is also very easy to implement as well as Amazon links. Paypal buttons are also easy to implement.

SBI, my best website design software package of choice, requires a ground up setup process. With XsitePro you can import an entire site and make changes to create an entirely new site. You are able to build professional looking sites very quickly for anyone. Now is a very good time to start building websites because of the economy. More and more people are loosing their jobs and starting businesses. For a web design business, Xsitepro allows more replication than Site Build It . If you are just building one website then SBI would be suitable.

In conclusion, XsitePro is the

best website design software choice if you want to build a lot of sites. SBI is the choice if you want to concentrate on building a business presence. You have learned a lot about these two products and I know it is a tough choice. My advice, got both. Build an online presence and build websites. Both have great guarantees.

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