Today you will learn about the best affiliate program on the internet period. The 5 Plillar Program allows full time entrepreneurs to make a great living. And it allows part timers to build a great solid second income. best affiliate program graphic If you become an affiliate with site build it, you will earn $75 for each subscription for site build it sold. You even get paid an annual commission on each site build it renewal . You can even earn a commission from 2 tiers of income through sales by you own team of affiliates. More than half of Site Build It owners purchase more that one SBI and several over 10 which means big commissions for you. Because you customers are yours for life.

When you sign up you will receive several resources which include an orientation guide, 5 pillar marketing guide,a quick start guide and even access to an extensive promotion center. This promotion center is like no other. You are provided with very simple to use tools and strategies to help you be successful online and offline.

Here are several reasons why SBI has the best affiliate program on the internet.

You are able to track clicks to sales. There is a built in link tracker you can use as an affiliate so you will know which promotion is converting visitors into sales at your site. This can be used to target certain specific landing pages.Recruit affiliates and earn some of what they make also.

4. Lots of landing pages to choose from. About 70 of them to be exact. There are different landing pages that are tailored to different markets and aspects of SBI. For instance if you are trying to market to work at home moms there is a landing page and a free ebook for that. Or maybe you want to target webmasters. Try going the webmasters Business Course page.

How about marketing to college students or retirees who want an online business. That's right there are landing pages for those too. There are even pages for auction sellers, people selling e-googs, those who want to sell hard goods and even real estate.

You can judge an affiliate program by the good company it keeps. In addition to the world-class expert company SBI keeps, leading universities and corporations are also recommending Site Build It!.

Community colleges and even MBA programs include SBI in their curriculum. No other commercial product is even offered by any school anywhere.

5. There are a ton of ebook's you are able to give away to help you with your marketing efforts. And lots of free tools and services that makes this the best affiliate program ever. Any time a customer visits the site through your affiliate link a cookie is written to their machine and when they buy you benefit.

6. The support forums are the best forums that I have ever seen. You get the sense of family when you participate in the forums. If you have a question about anything, you get the answer really fast.

There is great support for offline sales too. SBI has a great training package that you can download that is designed to help you make sales offline. And get this, there are order forms that will allow you to take orders offline and enter those orders yourself from your computer when you have the time.

Name park it is a tool available to affiliates of SBI. You can buy a domain name through Name Park It and have it redirect to another site.

Sbi has provided a lot of videos that you can embed on your website or blog. The videos target a specific market just like the landing pages.

To be the best affiliate program on the net , you have to over deliver like Solo Build It does. Solo Build It is one of the few affiliate opportunities that is really committed to helping anyone that wants it to succeed and to transform their lives.

These are just a few reasons why Solo Build It has the best affiliate program on the internet. Go and check it out for yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

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