How To Avoid Duplicate Content

In this article you are going to learn how to avoid duplicate content and the importance in doing so.

You have probably been hearing about the duplicate content debate or some variation there of. Everyone is wondering how to avoid being penalized by Google and other search engines. There is a few techniques that can be used that wont hurt you article marketing.

Use these techniques below when you publish content for use on your website.

Never publish content that is not original, in other words write it yourself or have a ghost writer do it but make sure you check it for plagiarism. You are the one in control of the content on your site so don't take this lightly. Use fresh content that appeals to your visitors that read your stuff.

When you do article marketing, publish it on your website first. Do not publish it on article directories for at least 5 days. This will give Google a chance to crawl your site and therefore it knows you were first to publish.

Always distribute your content to the top most article directories first. Sites like and I highly recommend changing the article title and description intro paragraph and the last paragraph. Or just rewrite the article to have a totally different variation. There are some good software out that will accomplish this .

Finish your distribution to second and third tier directories. At this point in the game the value gained is less than the primary article distribution sites. The real value of these sites is the remote possibility of a webmaster using the content you have created on their own site complete with author box. Again, I would modify the article once prior to distributing to all of these sites, but don't spend to much time on it.

Ad more content on your site as often as possible. I try to ad at least three articles a week to my site. If you want to optimize the value of your content, well be sure to update information regularly. This is not to say that your content has to change daily, but new content should be added to position your site as a valuable source of information, remember content is king.

Always offer an RSS feed on your site. After your article has been published to your website, be sure to encourage users to access the content via an RSS feed. An RSS feed allows users to get access to your content through a feeder or link to your site. As a result, they are less likely to copy and post your content. instead, they can provide an excerpt and link to the original content that is present on your website.

As always, you want to be aware of what Google is doing and how they are looking at content. To avoid duplicate content and being penalized by Google, post content to your site first. After a short waiting time 5 days or so, modify the article slightly and post to the major article distribution sites. Then you're ready to distribute to second and third tier article distribution sites once that is done. Through this method you can enjoy the benefits of original content and all of the back links that come with it. This is how to

avoid duplicate content.

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