The process of article writing can be learned but many people who are able to write articles effectively don't have a clue as to how to use article marketing to promote their business.

Writing articles is a skill that is possible to be learned. A reasonable understanding of grammar is essential. spelling, well you don't have to worry about that so much because of modern spell checkers. This is not what the problem is. It is the lack of knowledge of how to write the content in a way that will be of use to the readers.

The internet is used mostly for information, chatting or purchasing something and by far the most extensive of these is getting information. Most of the people that are using Google do so to find information. It might be of a technical nature or even pricing something. Either way people are looking for information and if you can provide that great, you will be a success in your business.

Maybe you have a website that serves those that are interested in niches or you might write articles offering a link to an affiliate product or something. With affiliate products you can make money without even having a product or a website.

Bottom line, people are looking for information and you can give it to them by providing a website with good information and advertising by way of article marketing. People will provide you with their contact details if they feel you know what you are writing about especially if happen to write on their subject or niche.

There is a lot more to article writing than just putting out a few paragraphs. It also involves a certain degree of keyword research.

There must be a benefit for the readers or there will be no incentive to read your article. The title of your article must explain the benefit to the reader. This is the first thing the reader will see so it is important to get their attention here.

Your title will be the heading for the listing. People using the search engine to find your information will be exposed to your link and whether the clock on it or not will be determined by how your title is worded.

Expand on the theme of the title in the intro paragraph and include the main keyword within the first 100 characters. Then write the article. Use your keywords sparingly once every 500 words and use vocabulary that explains the main keyword. Sprinkle the other keywords used in the title.

By using keywords to much your articles are liable to be dropped from the listings cause Google's objective is to offer its customers with accurate and relevant information as possible on the keyword they are using for the search. Satisfy Google and they will reward you.

Your reward is in the form of high rankings in the search engines for your keyword and plenty of visitors. This means cash if you monetize properly. You can be selling affiliate products, offering a service of just have google adsense ads on the site. But remember it is writing articles properly that attracts traffic.

The actual way article marketing is carried out is another subject. It would take much more than a single article to teach the subject of article writing.

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