Before I give you some article writing tips on writing articles for high listings , you should understand the importance of writing articles in the first place. To begin it is important because it provides your visitors with genuine and useful content. second, google benefits you by writing good useful content and submitting those articles to directories Article Writing Tips

The definition of an article, which by the way may not be your definition, is written content that provides content or information that is non commercial about a particular subject. In other words advertisements are not articles and neither are reviews. Articles are very important cause the search engines algorithms have been written to seek out good quality content that is useful information on a specific topic.

Goods articles work wonders for your site because of several benefits:

First: You get clicks to your website from people reading your articles in the directories.Second: Google page rankThird: Votes from web sites that have copied your articleFourth: Free advertising from high listings of your article in the search engines

Writing is the best way to advertise your site and individual pages. These tips are intended to help you make the most of article writing. It is not necessary for you to do the writing yourself. You can hire a professional article ghostwriter, but of course you have more control on the presentation of your content if you write them yourself. Here are some more article writing tips to help you get the most from the articles that you produce.


Keyword Choice

The articles you write should be search engine optimized for the keywords you choose and not just written in a literary sense. For instance in this article two keywords are used, 'article tips' and 'writing articles' The second keyword has a fairly high demand with not a lot of supply but 'article writing tips has a demand of 1000/month but low supply. Article writing has a larger demand than the other two

You see three good keywords in the title of this article. This is important because the title is what readers of you article will see first and foremost. Do what I have done and use the keywords in the first 100 characters of the article you write including spaces. The spiders give the highest weight to words contained in these characters. Avoid excessive use of your keyword. 1% density is certainly enough.

Article Semantics

Latent semantic indexing(LSI) is used by Google to calculate the relevance of your article to the keywords you use. In other words the use of vocabulary related to the keyword and also using words that explain what your article is about.


There are several important sections of your article. The title the first 100 characters, the opening paragraph and the last paragraph. The resource and summary are important if you are submitting to article directories

Advertising yourself or your product should be in the resource box. This is where you try to persuade your visitor to visit your website and buy your stuff. When they click make sure you make it worth their while..Be confident in telling the visitor what you want them to do. Just be honest.

Just write naturally as if you are talking to a friend. That way you wont be worried about writing for a search engine. Don't forget that people are the ones that buy your stuff.

If you follow what has been written and put these article writing tips on writing articles for high listings into practice, you will see an improvement in the amount of traffic to your website. One of the best most effective internet marketing strategy's available is writing articles. So go write something

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