How to Write Articles Using Article Marketing

 Learning how to write articles the right way can make you money using article marketing, a very effective online advertising technique. Google loves article content, no matter if it is on your site or published in the article directories. Visitors to your site love to read fresh content as well especially if it is something that interest them.

A Few Tips To Writing Good Articles

Be sure to use titles that are going to attract attention. The title should be a good indicator of the content in the article and it should cause anyone looking for the information to want to read it.

How to Write and Market Your Website by using Articles $27.00 For the sake of the searchengines do very good keyword research and choose keywords that have good demand but at the same time not to much supply. You want to keep the competition to a minimum. Next choose another keyword that compliments the first one and it should be more competitive. Use your first choice or better keyword in the beginning and the more competitive keyword at the end of your title. Knowing how to select the proper keywords is a very important part of learning to write great articles and also in article marketing

The Beginning Paragraph

This paragraph is important in that it will either cause the reader to just go away or it will keep them on the page . If your reader completes the first paragraph, more often than none they are very likely to keep reading to the end of the article. But be careful don't make it too long. I think 525 to 850 words are usually best for an article but not more than 70 or 80 words for the opening.

The first paragraph should state what the purpose of the article is and it should say what the benefits are to the reader. Use the keywords in the first 90 characters including spaces, of your opening statement. Search engines regard these 90 characters as the most important in the article and then the final paragraph would be the next important paragraph

The Body of The Article

When writing your articles, be sure to write in short paragraphs of 1-3 sentences. Readers like the information in small chunks. They get bored reading long paragraphs that seme to go on and on. Always stay on topic and get straight to the point when writing. Don't over do it with keywords but use related text to expand on the topic

Last but not Least

The final paragraph should summarize the whole article andshould have only one incidence of each of the keywords that youused in the title and two to three sentences are enough this isthe very basics on how to write articles and content for yourwebsite. Writing articles is very useful advertising online .By becoming good at writing articles and using them properly,you have a great free resource to use to your advantage whichcan be more profitable that ppc or any paid advertising. Nowyou understand how to write great articles. For moreinformation and article marketing secrets check out an ebookcalled Article Czar and pick up a free gift and a free articlewriting course.

You now understand the basics of how to write articles. For more detailed information, and Article Marketing secrets that can power you to the top of the listings, check out Pete's ebook

Article Czar and also learn how to market your website using articles check out this Article Marketing Ebook.

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