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Are you new to affiliate marketing and would like to find a good affiliate marketing program to promote? Like anything that is new this might seem like a challenge so I will give you several guidelines to go by. After you finish this article you should have a pretty good idea of what to look for in a good affiliate program. Lets take a look at several considerations before you commit to any one program. Affiliate Marketing Program First make sure it is a reliable program. You want to get paid on time right. Do some research on the affiliate marketing program you are thinking of promoting. Check out the payment structure and commission rate. What are you wanting to get paid on each sale.

The rates that you get are pretty standard in the industry. I mean there is really no negotiating. With digital products you usually get 50 to 75% of the value of the product. The higher priced products are less than this of course.

Check out how good the reporting of statistics is. You will need to measure click ratios and how effective a certain campaign is. You will want to check if you are securing sales and if not you may want to change your marketing efforts or maybe try a different product.

Check out the sales page to see what it looks like. Is it eye catching? You need to feel confident this page can do a good job of converting sales. Would you buy a product from here? If not I recommend you choose a new product to promote. Check out reviews on forums to see what they are saying about the product.

Also try to find a program that will offer you support and training and also marketing materials such as different types of ads and even different landing pages. I know of a very good affiliate program that has about 70 different landing pages to market. Different graphics and images, videos and more. In my opinion it is absolutely the best out there.

When you choose your affiliate marketing program try to stay within these guidelines outlined in this article and you will be ok. Remember that choosing a good affiliate program is just one of the many areas involved in having a successful affiliate marketing business

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