Do you need website design tips for designing your website? Do you wonder what you need to do to have a popular website? It sounds like you could use some good advise. Things Not to Do Let's start these website design tips with a list of things you should not do on your website.

 • Do not use sounds on our site. These automatic sounds can annoy most visitors. I know I click off sites that use them.

• Animation is another no-no. Most web visitors hate blinking ads and other animated objects that move across a web page. It totally distracts the visitor from reading and digging deeper into the website like you want them to. Also not everyone has a fast Internet connection and animated pages may take a long time to load for those people. They will probably not stay on your site and will not return.

• Do not confuse your visitor by having text that scrolls. They can’t read this text at their own rate, which will discourage their interest in your site.

• Don’t have an image background on you web pages. It is a true sign that you are not a professional. Also, it takes too much time for these kinds of pages to load.

• One of the most annoying things you can include on you website is popups. Think of your visitors and what they would want. Having to deal with popups is just aggravating and will not win you any friends.

Make Website Easy to Navigate

Ease of navigation is one of the most important Website Design Tips. Put some thought into how to arrange and organize information on your website. You want your visitors to be able to go through your website effortlessly. Have your website categorized in such a way that it takes as few clicks as possible to get the information. This can be accomplished by using more than 1 page for information that is longer than 2 screens full. Also, if you have some lengthy articles such as 6 to 7 screens divide those up. With articles, you do not want to chop them up too much.

Other things that help the site to be easier to navigate are the insertion of a menu on each web page. Also do not use frames; for one thing, visitors cannot bookmark a specific page to your site they only can bookmark the home page usually. For another thing, certain pages could be skipped through a search engine.

Make Website Easy to Read

To do this pay attention to things like the wrong color text on top of a colored background. Example for this is yellow text on lime green background. This combo is hard to read. Set your text size to an easy to read size such as Arial 12.


Even though content is not exactly a design function it is worth mentioning here. Your content should be interesting to read and on topic. You visitors should be learning useful knowledge from reading the articles on your website. The articles should also be keyword optimized to help your rating on the search engines.


These are just a few website design tips There are many more website design tips to be learned. Keep educating yourself on how to design your website and soon you will have your website working for you and not against you.

Good Design Practices Use good design practices when building your website because it says volumes about you company, and it should.

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